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Designed By Sports Podiatrists To:

Night-Time Bunion

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Aid Mild To Severe Bunions
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Correct Big Toe Alignment
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Delay Or Prevent Surgery
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Be Worn Overnight


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Class 1 Medical Device
Anatomical Design
Overnight Use

Product Video

How to use

Product Information

The BunionPro is a CE marked medical device developed by specialist MSK Podiatrists. It is a low profile and lightweight thermoplastic bunion correction splint which is designed to be worn overnight whilst sleeping. The unique design of the BunionPro helps to maintain the correct alignment of the big toe and relieve pain associated with Hallux Valgus.

What Is The BunionPro®?

What Conditions Does The BunionPro® Target?

Bunions are localised enlargements of the bone and tissue on the sides or top of the joint at either the base of the smallest toe or more commonly the big toe. The latter is often referred to as Hallux Valgus and the BunionPro has been developed specifically for this condition.

An estimated one million people in the UK are afflicted by bunions with women being 10 times more likely to develop bunion deformities than men.

Bunions are most often caused by an inherited faulty mechanical structure of the foot. It is not the bunion itself that is inherited but the certain foot types that make a person prone to developing a bunion.

How Does The BunionPro®️ Work?

The BunionPro splint is typically worn at night (whilst sleeping) and during this period of upto 8 hours it will physically push the big toe back into normal alignment and maintain it in this position. The BunionPro should be used in this fashion as part of a long-term management solution, it will not work if only used on a short-term basis. The BunionPro is unlikely to reverse a bunion, however it can effectively halt progression of the bunion and help reduce associated pain.

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How Do You Use The BunionPro®?

Please follow the step by step guide below.

Select left or right foot variant & the appropriate size BunionPRO®. 


Open fastenings & position the splint as illustrated, presenting the curved shell in the space between the big & second toe.

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Adjust the big toe strap to fit comfortably utilising the serrated tooth feature of splint arm to grip strap in position.


Wait until step 4 to fasten securely as required. 

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Position the dorsal strap which is located underneath the foot through the top slot of the splint arm.


Adjust tension as required until the level of big toe correction / alignment is suitable.

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Adjust the toe strap so that it applies desired compression across bunion region & fasten securely.


Do not wear in footwear or walk on the splint.

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Product Design

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A moulded big toe enclosure and two unique low-profile struts ensure the BunionPro®️ contours to your feet for optimum fit. The BunionPro®️ is one of the least bulky night splints available.

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Featuring two straps with micro-fastening closures, the BunionPro®️ can easily be adjusted to offer ideal toe positioning control as required.


Deluxe velour straps and a curved cushioning toe pad ensure enhanced comfort for prolonged usage.


Everyone has different shape feet so to accommodate this the BunionPro®️ is available in left or right and in three sizes which cover UK shoe sizes from 2 to 12. The shape of the splint varies across the three sizes to offer the best fit possible and effectiveness for use. 

Includes a Professional 

Information Guide & Complimentary Shoehorn

Every BunionPro®️ Includes a step-by-step information guide & a complimentary travel size shoehorn.


All content included in the guide is compiled by award winning Sports Podiatrists.

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where to buy

Where To Buy

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A full range of innovative podiatry products including the BunionPro®️ are exclusively available at:

Orthotix are an accredited NHS Supplier of medically approved orthopaedic & podiatric product.

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Free UK Standard Delivery


Accredited NHS Supplier


Dedicated Customer Services


World Wide Shipping 

The BunionPro®️ is available with world wide shipping, click here to see the options. 

For any overseas trade enquires please email:

Overseas Trade

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The Manufacturer

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Redefining foot health since 2001

ACE Feet In Motion are a market leading UK based podiatry company specialising in gait analysis, chiropody services and orthotic manufacture. 


ACE benefits from a multi-disciplinary team of Healthcare Professionals which has enabled numerous collaborations with national sports teams and high-profile global brands. 


Through years of clinical experience, ACE have been able to develop a professional range of podiatry products including the innovative BunionPro®, which are all now available to the public.

Official Suppliers To

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Relieve The Pain Of Hallux Valgus With BunionPro®️ 

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